Tests and Results

Find out my test results

The doctor, nurse or other health care professional carrying out the test will advise you when your results will be available.

It is then your responsibility to obtain the results of the tests. Use your Online SystmOne to find your latest test results. It’s the easiest and quickest way. Alternatively, please call the Practice

Different tests take different times to process. Some may take up to 2 weeks. If anything serious is found, the laboratory will usually telephone to let us know and we or the Out of Hours service will contact you as quickly as we can to discuss it with you.

The doctor will review your results and give the receptionists specific instructions regarding any follow-up that may be required and what information they would like conveyed to you.

The receptionist may tell you what the result is, they may ask you to make a telephone consultation with the doctor, they make ask you to make a face-to-face consultation with a clinician, or it may be that the clinician telephones you direct.

If you did not have the test with the Practice, please contact the service where the test was taken:

Salisbury District Hospital

New Hall Hospital

Great Western Hospital